ChromaChic Color Block Short


Rs 5,290.00 LKR
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AGS Signature Color Block Short: High-Performance Meets High Fashion
Introducing the JAGS Signature Color Block, these shorts deliver both style and substance in spades.
Innovative Features:
•Sculpting Fit: The 1.15cm high-pressure, light-pressing, tight-fitting design actively tightens the abdomen, ensuring a slimmer
profile without compromising comfort or freedom of movement.
•Advanced Cutting Technology: Utilizing 3D three-dimensional cutting technology, these shorts offer a tailored, slim, and trim
fit that enhances the natural contours of your body.
•Striking Design: With contrasting color splicing, not only are these shorts a visual standout, but they also feature a buttocks
lifting and abdominal tightening effect that adds functionality to their fashionable look.
•Protective Detailing: The cross-belt contrasting color splicing isn't just for show; it also contributes to a slimmer waist
appearance while providing additional support and protection to the waist and abdomen during vigorous exercise.
The JAGS Signature Color Block Short is your go-to choice for making a statement at the gym or on the track, ensuring you
look as good as you feel while pushing the limits of your performance.